Tent Camping

As a rural “farm kid,” I did lots of camping on the family farm. Now, I’m not talking about camping in a fancy tent, with LED lights and instant pop-up accessibility, I mean sleeping under the stars with an old army blanket and waking up mosquito bit and damp. I used to make fun of the folks who had tents, and RV campers were just city slickers pretending to camp (I believe pretenders are called “posers” these days). So, when Shelly (my lovely bride) told me she loved to camp, my almost 54 year old body creaked and groaned a little louder and my brain went into panic mode. Here’s what happened next…

A snapshot of “tent city” (two tents connected by a 10’x10’ canopy and covered in several tarps to protect from the elements)

To continue, Shelly mentioned setting up “camp” in an actual campground (KOA). Now, remember, I’m a farm kid. That ain’t real camping. Real camping involves finding a remote spot, building a real campfire, and communing with nature. Fast forward, and my body tells me that having running water and electrical hook-ups, not to mention real toilets and hot showers, is not all that bad. Imagine that!

“Camping… where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person“

Author unknown

So, here we are are killing it! Multiple tents (for honeymooning purposes) and a plethora of camping apparatus have been begrudgingly purchased and incorporated as part of daily life. I believe we are on “Week 8”. To be fair, we have had a few breaks where we traveled away from camp and stayed in hotels, but usually I find myself curiously drawn back to camp life. Who knew?? – James

The newest addition to Tent City

P.S. Our latest tent purchase arrives on 9/22, via Amazon. See the quote above…

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