Farmington, NM Fun

September 23, 2020

We made it to Farmington and as soon as we unhooked the Jeep we were off to hit the trails!

Shelly and kids on board for some 4-wheelin’!

We asked Siri to point us in the right direction and landed at Glade Off-Road Recreation Area.

James piloting The Black Pearl

We did not hit any of the “rated” trails, but the scenery was beautiful and we did climb a few play rocks.

My view from the driver’s seat was spectacular
Downhills are fun!
We are like a couple of kids! We love this 4-wheelin’ stuff!!
Mom and Maddy are Jeepin!
Mason & Mom for the Selfie!
It’s tough out there on the trails.

Tomorrow, we head out for Moab and new on and off-road adventures. Please comment if you have been to Moab and would like to suggest a trail, a restaurant, or a must-see attraction.

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