Arches National Park – Moab, UT (9/24/20)

WOW! Just Wow! This was on Shelly’s bucket list and I was happy to help that dream come true for her. What I didn’t know (and I’m not sure how this escaped me) is that Arches would surpass The Grand Canyon, for me, in natural beauty and wonder.

They call this Nefertiti and it is located on “Park Avenue” just inside the National Park.

We enjoyed a full day of driving through the park and seeing these breathtaking rock formations.

The variety of rock formations is amazing!

The temp was 91° and the sun was hot but we loaded up on water and ignored our hunger to take in these wonders.

I thought this looked like a woman closely followed by a little girl, but everyone has their own interpretation.
Shelly in front of the famous “Balanced Rock”
Everywhere you cast your eyes, the vistas were beyond belief!
Believe it, or not, this tree is not dead. It is going dormant to keep the roots alive until it rains again.
We are having the best time!
You know where we are headed!
Another beautiful sunset!
The moon rises as we say farewell to Arches National Park and prepare ourselves for another day of adventure and fun in Moab, UT.
We finished our day with some BBQ at BLU PIG! Shelly and I had burnt ends (the best)!

What a fabulous day to be alive! God is quite the artist, and we are so thankful to have had this experience.

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