September 26, 2020

We started the day with a few petroglyphs! Very cool! These were on the way to Canyonlands.
More ancient Native American art (communication).
Ancient Aliens??

So, James turns 54 today and is clearly the senior citizen of this group. Anxious to get to the trails, we made a pit stop to check out some ancient artwork and wonder about the meaning of it all. The Colorado River is running alongside these cliffs and there are a few bathers. It looks refreshing on a hot day.

The Colorado River (a destructive/artistic moving body of water).
The drive out to “Top of The World” was extremely beautiful, and peaceful, yet a little long…
This trail was rated a 6. I was unaware of that and I’m not sure why, but it was a tremendously fun day of ‘wheelin’. There were lots of stair steps , off-camber sections, steep climbs, and steep declines.
This was one of the less threatening looking obstacles but required perfect tire placement for the “baby Jeep”
Seriously folks, these videos do not do it justice. This was one of the easier descents but there were plenty of ledges to fall off.
The Black Pearl AKA “Baby Jeep”

The scenic beauty of the “Top of the World” trail cannot possibly be described in words or depicted in photos. It was a fun, challenging, and beautiful afternoon drive to one of the prettiest destinations I have ever seen.

A view from behind the wheel of The Black Pearl
Reppin’ Kentucky with Ale-8-One!
The songs “Livin’ on the Edge,” by Aerosmith and “Standing on Top of the World,” by Van Halen came to mind here. (In front – Mason and Maddy, in back – Caity, Shelly and James, in the Jeep – Bella, Lucy and Marley (the three finest Jeepin’ dogs around!)
The newlyweds took time to savor the moment. I surely love this woman!
“Top of the World” is a viewpoint on Waring Mesa, that overlooks Fisher Valley and Onion Creek. The La Sal Mountain range can be seen to the south. (This is a view to the west.). I enjoyed this as much, or more, than the Grand Canyon.
What is 4-Wheelin’ without a little carnage?? The passenger rear lower control arm gave up the ghost. This resulted in a 2-hour ride back to the campsite @ 20 MPH. We smiled the biggest smiles knowing we actually broke something while using The Black Pearl as she was intended.

Back at the campsite, little did I know that the biggest Birthday Party of my entire life was about to unfold. I received cards, letters, and ca$h from family and friends, carefully selected gifts from my lovely wife, a birthday cake, and even had a beer with Mason (he drank cream soda). It was the perfect ending to a great day!

Thank You, Shelly Hinkle, for making my 54th Birthday a day/week/month to remember! I love you to the top of the world and back!!

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