It’s Really Happening! MOAB!! September 25, 2020

It has been 32 years in the making, but my dream to go 4-Wheelin’ in Moab, UT has finally been fulfilled!

We started with a loop in Spring Canyon, running an abbreviated version of this trail. Led by Mike Kelso, President of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers Club (hosts of the annual Easter Jeep Safari for 54 years), we followed a scenic route through the Canyonlands.
James and Mike Kelso
Mike’s JKU with the Red Rock 4-Wheelers badge
Airing down the tires to hit the trail
Shelly, Bella (the 4-wheelin’ dog) and The Black Pearl in front of FrankenRock on the Deadman Point Trail.
FrankenRock- Notice the Frankenstein monster lying on his back with a tombstone at his feet. Use your imagination!!

Mike was a gracious host and led us on a “family oriented” trail, rich in history and scenery. During our visit to Canyonlands, I earned his seal of approval as a driver capable of piloting a Jeep in Moab, UT. He gave us a few pointers on driving some of the more notable Moab Jeep trails, and we said farewell as we headed back to camp to retrieve kids and dogs and explore on our own.

And… here we go!
Fins & Things was our first choice on the list of must-drive Moab trails. It was a 4-Rated Trail and although a few folks questioned The Black Pearl’s trail worthiness, she performed beautifully!
The Black Pearl in action on Fins & Things
Too much fun!
Up ‘n’ Over
Happy Campers as the sun sets on Moab

We ran the rest of Fins & Things after dark! It was a great adventure that we will never forget.

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