Hooray for Ouray!! & Telluride (Sep. 27-29)

We left Moab with a new lower control arm and headed over to Ouray, CO for a little more 4-wheelin’ fun! We booked a tent site at the KOA and bedded down for the evening with thoughts of Black Bear Pass on our minds

Along the way, we stopped at this old mine. Shelly really enjoyed our visit there
We saw some baby pine trees (complete with cones) and I was tempted to bring one home.
The scenery was spectacular and it was nice to see some trees and some fall colors!
The Black Pearl has been in more states than most people.
We made it to the summit of Black Bear Pass and had to celebrate with some Ale-8-One.

We drove along the narrow switchbacks and took in scenery that only God could create.

This waterfall was breathtaking and there was actually a home atop this cliff!!
Dirtiest Jeep on the trail, and that’s not a bad thing.
The ski resort town of Telluride in the distance

We stopped for lunch in Telluride and had some great steamed burgers. Who knew?? Then, we headed out to find the trailhead for Imogene Pass to take us back to Ouray.

Along the way, we paused at the ruins of this mining village. It is hard to believe that horse-drawn coaches brought miners and mail to this site, weekly. The perseverance of our ancestors is unquestionable.
The summit (that we could attain) was over 13,000 feet! It was windy and much colder than we experienced in Telluride.
The terrain was rocky and we bumped along slowly, much to Caity’s dismay.
The Black Pearl getting her shoes wet.
We made it over Imogene Pass before darkness fell on the box canyon of Ouray.

With temperatures dipping into the low 30s, we went exploring for some sources of heat and were able to sleep comfortably on our last night in Colorado

The next morning, we packed up camp and headed back to Holbrook, AZ to plan our next adventure.

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