Lake Tahoe and the Rubicon Trail (October 7-9)

Oh my! What a trip!!

A lengthy drive from Holbrook, AZ to South Lake Tahoe had these pups (Marley and Lucy) wiped out.
After driving for about 16 hours and sleeping for six hours, the new winch was fitted to The Black Pearl. Here is the proud owner now with her new 12000 lb. winch standing next to her prize Jeep.

The real purpose of this trip was to visit the famous (infamous) Rubicon Trail and try out The Black Pearl on the holy grail of Jeep trails. More on this later…

After a wrong turn, and more hours behind the glass, we finally arrived! The excitement was building as we dropped the transfer case into low range and eased over the rocks to the first obstacle, “The Gatekeeper.”

Then, disaster struck. As we approached the gatekeeper, we paused to lower the tire pressure and noticed a passenger rear shock was dangling beneath the Jeep. With no replacement bolt, the decision was made to remove the shock, completely, but with all the trouble we had encountered to make it this far, we were starting to believe that God just didn’t intend for us to make this trek.

Along comes a fella in a stoutly built Toyota FJ40 and announces to us that he is a trail chaperone of sorts and lives mid-way on the trail. He asks if we have brought camping gear and where we plan to stay for the night. When we reply that we are starting a day trip (it is getting late in the day), he informs us that the Rubicon Trail takes 2-3 days to complete if you have never been there. He eyeballs our baby Jeep on 31” tires and gives us a trail map and some advice. Then, he flags down another Rubicon visitor and secures a shock bolt for us.

James walks the first two hundred yards of the trail (The Gatekeeper) and returns with a broken ego and enough humility to forego this trip. It was a difficult decision because who knows when we may be this way again with the Jeep.

We return to the hotel, grab the kids and head out to show them Lake Tahoe.
We visited Emerald Bay and marveled at the beauty of Lake Tahoe.
Shelly, Caity, Mason and Maddy enjoyed this 4×4 trail in South Lake Tahoe while James sulked over missing out on the Rubicon Trail.
The Black Pearl in the foreground of another beautiful sunset.
We said goodbye to Lake Tahoe and would like to come again. Next time, we will be better prepared to conquer the Rubicon Trail.

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